Put it all together sharing and being collaborative.

Special Today: Webinar through Discovery Eduction on digital storytelling 11:00-12:00

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Multimedia does not always have to be a video. Consider creating an audio file to go with a lesson by using a recording device. If you need to post it online it needs to be in digital format.

This is why I keep plurking: Cool stuff added as a link



Podcasts are audio programs that you can use in your class to enhance your content. They can be:
enhanced podcast = audio program with photos or images/clipart
Vodcast = using motion video and an RSS feed to subscribe to a program
Vlog - a video blog
All terms are really podcasts and the term can be used to describe any of the above.

Copyright policy for using Common Craft videos:

Finding good podcasts:

  1. Education Podcast Network:

  2. Podcast Alley:

  3. Learn on the Go:

  4. Tony Vincent: Learning in Hand:

HOSTING you podcast:

Creating your own podcast: PC vs. MAC

  • Topics

  • Process

  • Sharing

  • Get the word out

We will use GarageBand to create a short podcast today. With a partner, talk about one of the new tools you learned and how you would incorporate it in to you classroom. I should be LESS than one minute. We will put in a photo and compress it to a format that you can put on your wiki.

Programs for podcasting:
  • Mac - GarageBand
  • PC - Audacity
  • iPhone/iTouch -
  • Sample below from Native American Museum in Washington DC by Robin Martin, July 31, 2009

View of the handmade canoes
Basket weave wall

Multimedia - video

Sharing video:

Screen Capture

Editing Online

Convert file formats including Word, .pdf, video, audio files

HANDS ON Projects:

Flat Stanley

Follow Me project collaboration

Traveling mascots: Civil War Sallie

Photos of her adventures on Flickr

Comic Maker:

Finding people to follow:
This slide show show some of the top educators to follow. Find their blog or website and bookmark it for your future use.

Remember to put the list of your assignments on the google shared document and all of your projects on your class wiki.

I will be checking these on Wednesday evening and we will be sharing them on Wednesday morning with everyone.