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Another TEXT idea:
Guess the Wordle:

Most people think of multimedia as a combination of sound, video, action and interaction. There are hundreds of programs that
can be used to create a multimedia project. We we use just a few new ones. - sign up for the educator account and it will give you more access to making student projects private.

The object here it to create content that everyone can contribute to. Or create a study guide for a unit of study and students can comment.
Create a VT and invite another classroom or another school to comment on your project.

Glogster - a Multimedia poster. It can be used as a learning station, poster, report, or instruction.
Be sure to join education because it gives you the option for creating student accounts with passwords.
Glogs can be embedded, or stand along projects.
Any Glogster done by these two is guaranteed to be excellent.

Final Assignment:(reminder) enter the website of your wiki on the shared Google Document

Create a wiki of 3-5 pages that is a topic of your choice, fitting your curriculum. You must use embedded images, and movies to enhance the instruction.
Be sure to include use of color fonts, and different size titles to organize the page.
Citation of all resources including photos is a must.