Picture_8_3.jpgSlide shows

One More text based program:

Slide Show Programs:

Many are the same as the photograph applications we used last week.
Make sure your slide show has a specific purpose and each page enhances that purpose.
Instructional Design Programs:

Vuvox - Use to create slideshows or multimedia show
Animoto - - Free for30 second videos, Educator availability.

WEB2.0 Applications:

Look for something interesting for your students to use:
Internet as it started = consumer of information
Web2.0 = content creators
Web3.0 = mobility and profit

Collaborative GoogleDocs:

JenDorman's site:

One of the tools available to you is a collaborative GoogleDoc document. You can create a file, share it, have students answer a survey
and have the results compiled for your review. You also have access to Google Presentations, text/word documents, calendars, and of course
GMail and a Blogger account. All this is free. Google is a great Instructional Design portfolio of applications. There are great help documents and
videos on YouTube (owned by Google) and
This document is for you to open and save it as YOURNAME. I will show you how to share it with me.

Collabaorative Google Presentations:

JenDorman's site:


A ton of ideas for authoring many web applications and integrating the into your lessons.

Special Effects Photograph - On the Moon

  1. in Keynote
  2. take photo - Instant Alpha
  3. put in background move to back

CONTINUE WORKING ON YOUR WIKI FOR THE FINAL PROJECT. Create something you can use with a class next school