DiscoveryEducation Resources

For this lesson we will use the DiscoveryStreaming image, song, sound, and photo libraries.



Photos & Slide show:

Most common sites:

PhotoSharing sites:





  • iMac: This can be done in iPhoto

  • (below)

Longwood on PhotoPeach

Photo to slide show:

50 Ways to tell the same story:

VoiceThread as instruction

Photo to rubiks cube:

Comic life wiki with templates:

ASSIGNMENTS: Be prepared to share these lessons on Monday July 27

Create a lesson using DiscoveryStreaming materials. Include images, and sound files along with a video segment.

Lesson plan pdf:

Use 5-10 photographs to create a comic, or slide show activity for your classroom.

Using one of the time-line programs create an activity for your grade/subject.

LONG TERM: Due Last Day:

Create a wiki of 3-5 pages that is a topic of your choice, fitting your curriculum. You must use embedded images, and movies to enhance the instruction.
Be sure to include use of color fonts, and different size titles to organize the page.
Citation of all resources including photos is a must.